Is your office ready for a HIPAA audit?

Some recent news items regarding HIPAA include: In addition – CMS recently hosted a series of meetings to educate State Attorneys General on how to prosecute HIPAA violations. On the other hand being compliant is the first step in receiving to up to $44,000 in government incentives.

Do we have your attention yet?

Compliance with the HIPAA security rule is neither difficult nor expensive. All that is required is for you to take reasonable steps to insure the privacy, security, and integrity of your electronic medical records. Not only is this the law, but unless you have completed a proper HIPAA security risk analysis and developed a plan to minimize the chances of a HIPAA violation you can not collect the incentive payment for using certified EHR technology.

So what are you to do?

First, check out CME Online. There are forms in the Downloads section that can help you. If that is not enough then send an email or call (631) 352-2112 so we can discuss how to make you complaint and to help you get all of the incentive money that is available to you.


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